Bad Birds


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Softcover, 224 pages.

From the Rockies to the Adirondacks, from South Dakota to south Florida, the feathered sadists who star in this collection of turkey tales are sure to strike a spark of recognition in every turkey hunter. Somewhere in these pages is at least one story that will make you think, "Hey, I think I've met that bird."

" its core, turkey hunting involves a human predator putting his or her logical mind against a very illogial, unpredictable bird. The results ften range from humerous to maddening, but thats as it should be" - Brian Lovett

About the Author:
Jim Spencer's name and reputation are well-known in the turkey hunting subculture. A freelance writer by trade, he spent 20 years as a writer/editor/spear carrier for the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission. He has written more than 2,000 feature magazine articles, more than 3,000 newspaper columns, and six books. As a self-described turkey bum, Spencer has written more than a thousand of those magazine and newspaper pieces about turkeys and turkey hunting, and three of his books have been on the subject. In more than 40 years, he has hunted turkeys in three countries and 30 states. He and his wife (outdoor writer Jill Easton) hunt turkeys 50 to 60 days every spring in six to eight states. They live in the Arkansas Ozarks, splitting their time between their house in the Ozark National Forest and their house on Lake Norfork.

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