Alaska Tales: Laughs and Surprises

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Softcover. 240 Pages.
Size 9" x 5.875"

In August, 2013, Jake published his first collection of stories Alaska Hunting: Earthworms to Elephants. Independent reviews were favorable, and with the last of his kids heading off to the University, Jake found himself with more free time. So, more stories were put to paper. It was almost as much fun writing the stories as it was to live them. With most days of the past forty-seven years spent in Alaska, the thirty-six stories in this collection are connected primarily with Jake's guiding activities in the Great Land. These stories were selected for their humorous content.

The stories in this collection are true. In some instances, the names have been changed to protect the innocent and the not so guiltless. This selection of tales is trivial, eclectic, and of minimal redeeming value. But there may be some valuable bits of information, if one looks for them. These stories attempt to entertain readers, to give them a giggle, or at least a wry smirk.

This is an entertaining and quick read. The book gives the reader a look back at a way of life that is disappearing. Jake experienced a hunting and outdoor lifestyle that is unique. Some parts of that lifestyle are gone forever but luckily some of it still exists on his hunting trips. Although this is a fun little ditty, you will be amazed at the knowledge displayed about animal behavior and it's relationship to a successful hunt.

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