Alaska Flying: Surviving Incidents & Accidents


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Softcover, 224 Pages.
Size: 9" x 5.875"

ALASKA FLYING: Surviving Incidents and Accidents encompass many short stories about Jake's experiences gained from 1967 to the present as a pilot in Alaska. Though he logged time as pilot in command in other parts of the world, including Southern Rhodesia, Namibia, Australia, Bolivia, Hawaii, Arizona and other locations, the stories in this collection relate exclusively to Alaskan flying.

Jake Jacobson, a resident of rural Alaska guiding hunters since 1967 has held Alaska Master Guide license #54 since 1984. Jake came to Alaska as an Indian Health Service itinerant dentist traveling to bush villages for two years, then he traveled throughout Alaska as a private dentist for 18 years.

Jake lived in Kotzebue, Alaska located 37 miles north of the Arctic Circle for 20 years. He returns to his lodge 118 miles north of Kotzebue to conduct big game hunts and fishing trips during August and September annually. He resides for the rest of the year in Kodiak, Alaska. Jake is owner and founder of Arctic Rivers Guide & Booking Service.

He has flown as a Commercial Instrument rated pilot since 1970, accumulating over 10,000 hours as pilot in command of single engine bush planes, logging hours in Southern Rhodesia, Namibia, Australia, Bolivia, Hawaii, Arizona and other areas. He holds a 100 Ton Mariner's Captain license, with service primarily in the Gulf of Alaska, the Bering Sea and Kodiak Archipelago waters. He fished commercially for herring, crab, halibut and salmon.

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