African Game-lands: A Graphic Itinerary

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Hardcover, 129 Pages.

Travel the vastness of Africa during the golden age of safari hunting. Hunt for lion, rhino, cape buffalo and elephant in east Africa with Philip Percival. Collect giant sable in Angola for the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia. African Game-Lands records the adventures of Prentiss N. Gray as he hunts and photographs big game from Kenya to Angola during an extensive 1929 safari.

African Game-Lands contains four original journals and 120 photographs as he collects big game specimens for The Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia. Prentiss N. Gray is best known as the first editor of the Boone and Crockett Club's famous trophy book, Records of North American Big Game.

This is the second book by Prentiss N. Gray that the Boone and Crockett Club has published. The first book, From the Peace to the Fraser, includes ten of his original journals tracking hunts through Canada and Western America in the early 20th century. Both books by Gray include hundreds of never-before-seen photographs taken by the author.

Through the efforts of his son, Sherman, these rare hunting and exploration journals were preserved for all to enjoy. Gray died at age 50 in a tragic boating accident in the Florida Everglades and never lived to see his journals become two books.

African Game-Lands presents a splendid record of one man's experiences in collecting and recording African big game during a time when Africa's plains still teemed with wildlife. The Gray African Expedition included Philadelphia museum ornithologist, W.W. Bowen, who secured many bird specimens, including several previously unknown species, one which was named after Prentiss Gray.

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