Africa’s Deadliest: World’s Greatest Cape Buffalo Hunts DVD


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New DVD shot across Africa was 10 years in the making

Filmed over a decade in 5 countries, Africa’s Deadliest: World’s Greatest Cape Buffalo Hunts is the ultimate tribute to Africa's most popular dangerous game. It's a heart-racing documentary following 11 different notable dangerous game hunters in pursuit of the beast that goes by many names, including ‘Black Death’ and ‘The Widow-maker’.  Hear harrowing tales of life and death from professional hunters and others who survived Cape buffalo attacks and marvel the tenacity and toughness of Cape buffalo. The Cape buffalo is said to kill more than 200 humans a year, and they do not mock charge – when a buffalo comes at a hunter, one of them is about to die.  Africa's Deadliest is a celebration of a big game trophy unlike any other on Earth, a potent cocktail of fear, adrenaline, and information as we journey to the heart of Africa to pursue one of the deadliest of the Big 5 in this thrilling collection of the greatest Cape buffalo hunts ever captured on camera in Africa’s Deadliest: World’s Greatest Cape Buffalo Hunts

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