Africa’s Deadliest: World’s Greatest Cape Buffalo Hunts DVD

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Filmed over a ten-year period in five countries, Africa's Deadliest: World's Greatest Cape Buffalo Hunts, is an exciting tribute to one of Africa's deadliest big game animals. This one-of-a-kind documentary features 11 notable sportsmen and some of Africa's most revered professional hunters as they match wits with a beast known for its tenacity, toughness and uncanny ability to somehow turn the tables on its pursuers. Among these experienced hunters are such television luminaries as Chris Dorsey, the longtime star of "Sporting Classics TV" and David Morris, host of "The Bucks of Tecomate." These and other renowned sportsmen share on film their harrowing encounters with some of the biggest buffalo ever taken by hunters. The Cape buffalo is said to kill more than 200 humans a year and they do not mock charge—when a buffalo comes at a hunter, one of them is about to die.

"Africa's Deadliest" is without doubt an unforgettable celebration of some of the most thrilling big game hunts ever captured on camera.

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