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Hands down, the most versatile axe in the woods. And no wonder. There’s 4 generations of know-how built into every Adler Canoe Axe. The head shape is a high-functioning hybrid of felling and splitting with a sizable 4¼" bit that’ll lay waste to any and every cutting job. And that versatility is combined with incredible toughness and built-to-last quality thanks to C45 steel construction with superior edge retention. The American hickory handle stands up to tough use and lets you put the energy into the wood while keeping the size compact enough for saddle packing or backpacking use.

The Canoe Axe is designed with a great deal of utility in mind, whether traversing the waters or when out in the backcountry on foot. For fire-making, it is the perfect companion for producing kindling as well as for harvesting and spitting wood. Additionally, it is portable enough to be an all-purpose tool in the backcountry when clearing a way or keeping a trail or bank access open. The Canoe Axe is delivered with a leather sheath which is made in Lithuania.

  • Head weight: 1.35 Lbs.
  • Total weight: 2.2 Lbs
  • Handle length: 19.5”
  • Head mount: wood and round metal wedge
  • Handle type: US sourced hickory, ergonomic curved shape
  • Handle colors: Black (anti-slip) and red
  • Sheath: Heavy duty leather with robust buttons (Made in Lithuania)
  • Steel type: C45
  • Rockwell hardness of head: 47-55 hrc

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