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Deluxe Edition: 193 Pages, 
6.25" x 9.25", gold-embossed, leather-bound.

Hard-hitting staff writer for Time and Sports Illustrated; critically acclaimed author of such novels as the cult classic Blood Sport and the Western epic Tie My Bones To Her Back; essayist, adventurer and sportsman of truly Hemingwayesque proportions . . . Robert F. Jones was all these things and many more.

Three years in the making, A Roaring in the Blood: Remembering Robert F. Jones paints a frank, funny, richly textured portrait of this lion of American letters, as seen through the eyes of his friends and as revealed through his own hard-muscled prose.

With essays from the likes of Craig Nova, Dan Gerber, Thomas McIntyre, Terry McDonell, Geoffrey Norman, John Holt, and Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award winner Annie Proulx (who originally conceived this project), photographs by the legendary Bill Eppridge, and a generous selection of Jones’ finest work in both the fiction and non-fiction genres (including an excerpt from his notorious, impossible-to-find Africa novel The Diamond Bogo), the Bob Jones who emerges from these pages is at once larger-than-life and all too human.

This was a man who caught a world record Nile perch and ate it . . . a man whose prodigious snoring made him a pariah in any camp (and once nearly got him killed) . . . a man who was crazily and unashamedly in love with his dogs . . . a man who was as happy stalking tiny, jewel-like brook trout in the tumbling creeks near his Vermont home as he was stalking glowering Cape buffalo in the thorny heat of the African bush. His knowledge was encyclopedic, his imagination infinite, his sense of humor boundless. Bob Jones, you learn, was a writer’s writer, a man’s man and a fiercely loyal friend – if not someone whose friendship was always easy. In Jones’ company, you were never far from harm’s way.

And whether you’re among his legions of fans or someone coming to his work for the first time, A Roaring in the Blood, like running the rapids of a brawling North Country river, is a wild – but deeply rewarding – ride. It confirms Jones’ stature as a writer not only of uncommon gifts, but of enduring ones.

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