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The British Invasion
English Cockers have won the hearts of countless hunters.
Tom Keer

A Very Fishy Story
When it comes to tall tales, most fisherman can lie with the best of them.
Jerome K Jerome

The Homecoming
A hunter returns to his favorite squirrel woods after 40 years.
Jeff Hale

Double Barrel Doves
. . . and not just any scrollwork. A totally naked Women reclined across the receiver.
Dick Donnelly   

The Light at Middle Ground
He should have jumped into the icy water to recover his boat. But he didn't.
John Osborn

Holland & Holland
The legendary gun maker continues to build the "Best" double rifles.
Douglas Tate

Aodads in big, bad country
It was vast, rugged west Texas country-but an aoudad hunter's dream.
Stephen West

The Christmas Gift
I'll never forget how his eyes grew wide when I held out the brightly packaged gift.
Jerry Dennis



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