2019 - 1 - January/February

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Featured articles:

True Blue
Grandma passed on her love for Nature, hunting and the color of Blue. By Dr. C.T. Jennings

Beyond our Wildest Dreams
For 70 Years, the art of Mort Künstler has delivered us into adventures and mortal dramas.
By Todd Wilkinson

Duel On Taberbacle Mountian                                                                     Partridge and setter, each born to be the best the other.                                       By Mike Gaddis

Northe Platte
The "in" place for late season waterfowl.
By Doug Painter

Bowhunting Walkabout
A conked -out Cruiser leads to days of bowhunting fun.
By Patrick Meitin

A Fight to the Death
The author witnesses a bloody duel between two man-eating tigers.
By A.D. Waddel

Baptizing a Mule Deer Hunter
Utah sets the stage for a father-son foray into the heart of the game.
By Simon K. Barr

Biker Trout
A humorous excerpt from The Elusive Trout.
By Paul Quinnett & Deanna Camp

Requiem for a Peregrine
Everything about the the peregrine falcon is spectacular- even in death            By Tom Davis

Chinchaga River Moose
Were you to dream a moose hunt, this would be the perfect place.
By Ron Spomer

Man is the Prey
In its relationship with humans, the leopard is a veritable Jekyll and Hyde.
By Jame Clarke

Columns by Mike Gaddis, Roger Pinckney, Jameson Parker, John Seerey-Lester, Robert Matthews, Dwight Van Brunt, Gayne C. Young, Michael Altizer, Ron Spomer, and Jim Casada.

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