1907-2007 Leupold & Stevens: The First Century

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Leupold is more than a maker of rifle scopes. Leupold & Stevens is an industry icon -- and beyond that, a company that has defined a culture. Fredrick Leupold probably had no such designs when he landed in Boston in 1891. For the first half of its first century, L&S had nothing to do with rifle sights. It built instruments that measured new land and flowing water. The Oregon Trail was still freshly tracked when Frederick Leupold and Adam Voelpel established their business in Portland. JC Stevens helped it grow. After the second world war, with Frederick and Adam gone, Marcus Leupold struck out on a new venture. A hunting trip had ended badly when his rifle scope fogged. "I could build a better scope than this!" he thundered. Leupold's 4x Pioneer jumped into a market dominated by companies with Depression-era roots. Marcus upstaged them. What's behind the lifetime Leupold guarantee, the success that other optics firms envy?

You'll find out here, in the only detailed history of the family-owned firm every outdoorsman knows. In hardwood forests and mountain basins, generations of hunters have relied on Gold Ring scopes. Leupold optics turn up increasingly on military and police rifles too -- and in the backpacks of people who never pull a trigger. Leupold & Stevens. It's a collection of people worth knowing, an archetypal American success story, a product line you'll recognize if you've ever wanted to see better outdoors. Here's the chronicle of a company that considers you family. --Wayne van Zwoll

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