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This is Michael McIntosh's classic book on fine shotguns, in a fully revised and expanded form--covering gunmakers who have become prominent since the first edition was published in 1989 and McIntosh's continued research into the nature of the shotgun and the people who make them.

McIntosh divides his nearly encyclopedic gathering of gun knowledge into two distinct sections. The first is devoted to the best shotguns ever made in America, "American Best," looks at each of the finest guns made in the United States during the Golden Age of gunmaking. Names from the past such as Parker, A. H. Fox, L. C. Smith, Ithaca, Lefever, and others are treated in greater detail, including newly manufactured American classics that bear those same names.

In the second section, McIntosh explores the revivified world of gunmaking abroad--in England, Spain, Italy, and elsewhere, places where traditional craftsmanship and modern technology have combined to make the turn of the twenty-first century the most vibrant and exciting period in fine gunmaking in nearly a hundred years.

McIntosh offers practical advice on buying, shooting, and collecting older guns--what to look for and what to look out for, all based on long experience. McIntosh also offers advice on buying and shooting older guns--what to look for and what to look out for, all based on long experience. 

As interest in fine double guns reaches a new high in this country, Best Guns serves as both a guide for the uninitiated and a standard reference for the experienced collector and shooter, all written with the precision and seamless grace that were Michael McIntosh's trademark style.

Mike McIntosh passed away in 2010.

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