A Tomato Can Chronicle

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Softcover, 189 Pages.

Eugene Connett, III, the venerable founder of The Derrydale Press, described Edmund Smith as "the most polished writer we have ever published. The discovery of this manuscript in 1936 was, he said, "one of the happiest events of the past year." Smith was a master New England storyteller who expressed his love and knowledge of wild places through the medium of short stories. The title comes from an experience of the author and a boyhood friend who together enjoyed the thrill of catching their first bass with worms in a tomato can. Warm, evocative stories from locales all over the Atlantic seaboard. Originally published by The Derrydale Press in 1937, this classic of outdoor literature will appeal to the armchair sportsman as well as the accomplished hunter and fisher. Illustrated by Ralph L. Boyer.


The stories are more about what the characters experience and what they learn from each other than boastful accounts of bass weights and antler-point counts....What we miss are the simpler times, and Tomato Can provides those simply and joyfully.
— Dan Barber, The Dallas Morning News

While these are period pieces, and mannered, the aspects of human experience Smith distills will still resonate with many readers. — Seth Norman, California Fly Fisher.

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