A Wannabe Cowboy: Before Alaska: Horse and wagon use on a Montana ranch in the 1950s

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Softcover, 240 pages.

Spending the summers of 1958 through 1960 on a large ranch south of Cascade, Montana, as a teenager, Jake learned a lot about ranching―and life. Teams of horses were used for much of the work, and buckboard wagons were used daily. Technology-wise, this ranch was about thirty years behind the times, but it made a profit for the absentee owner, and it was a wonderful way of life.

Embark on this nostalgic journey that captures the essence of a bygone era, where hard work, community, and the simple joys of rural life blended together to create an enduring legacy. Join the author as they revisit a time when life was slower, lessons were harder, and the bonds forged on the ranch were as unbreakable as the Montana landscape itself.

Jake came to Alaska in 1967 and among other things, he holds Alaska Master Guide license #54, a commercial Pilot license, a 100Ton Mariner's license, is a Benefactor Life member of the NRA and has operated from his eighty acre private land located 155 miles north of the Arctic Circle since 1969.

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