Helle Jegermester

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The Helle Jegermester is a hunting knife designed to skin large game.

The blade of 2.7 mm 12C27 Sandvik-steel is pretty thin and the handle is made of beautiful wavy birch and is shaped, polished and oiled by hand to give it its unique character.

The blade is full-tang, which means that the steel by runs through to the end of the handle. The knife comes with a traditional Scandinavian sheath, made of leather.

Maintenance: When the handle and blade gets wet, you should dry them off with a soft cloth. It is also advised to occasionally wax or oil the handle and blade.

The sheath should be treated every now and then with a colorless liquid (grease or wax) to keep it smooth. When the sheath has become moist it must be carefully dried at room temperature. All knives by Helle are made and finished by hand. This can lead to subtle differences and makes each knife a unique masterpiece.

Name: Jegermester
Weight: 140 g
Blade material: Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel
Blade thickness: 2.7 mm
Blade length: 135 mm
Handle material: Curly birch
Handle length: 110 mm
Sheath material: Genuine leather
Sheath weight: 48 g

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