Sporting Shotgun Aluminum Rod Cleaning Kit


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The best quality gun cleaning kits for your firearms 100% Made in Italy. So good, Negrini Case uses their parts in their cleaning kits. All 100% Made in Italy with the best materials. The Sporting Shotgun Cleaning kit is stored in canvas with a leather trim roll-up pouch with two velcro straps. Includes brass wire brush, hurricane brush, aluminum multi-piece cleaning rod (cleans barrels up to 34″), chamber brush, shotgun grease and lubricant, wool mop, nylon brush.

  • Available in 20ga
  • 3 pc Takedown Aluminum rod + extension(cleans up to a 34″ barrel)
  • Chamber brush (standard fittings)
  • Brass hurricane brush
  • Brass barrel brush
  • 7 pc Felt Patches 3.54×5.90”
  • Wool Mop
  • Shotgun grease
  • Shotgun lubricant
  • Snap Caps
  • Nylon brush
  • Canvas and Leather Trim storage mat
  • All fit American 5/16 thread
  • 100% Made in Italy

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