Successful Shotgunning

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Softcover, 306 Pages.

Successful Shotgunning focuses on wing-shooting and sporting clays techniques. Gain a better understanding of the shooting process as a whole as you sharpen your skills and become a better shot. This volume covers everything from choosing the proper gun for your body type to diagnosing eye dominance to applying the correct amount of lead every time. Learn how to build skill in the field and take more birds in competition; a solid guide for becoming a better shot.

  • Wing shooting, sporting clays, skeet shooting
  • Expert teacher and coach shares years of experience

  • Successful shotgunning isn't an inherent trait, it is a skill and it must be learned like any other skill. It requires systematic study and the ability to accurately calculate the variables of moving targets. Peter Blakeley's coaching methods involve an intuitive technique that is based on pure logic and a systematic breakdown of all the variables involved. This is how the experts shoot. Over a period of time they build up a personal mental repertoire of sight pictures, which they can then successfully apply to each target, regardless of whether it is a quail, dove, duck or clay target. They then have the ability to see a subtle but consequential target/barrel relationship on every shot and adjust to each different shooting situation.

    Reviews: "Successful Shotgunning is a worthy addition to the field of books on shotgun shooting. It's a thorough useful volume written in a cherry, conversational tone, and it imparts a wealth of practical knowledge. —Charles Fergus

    Successful Shotgunning covers the full gamet of shotgun shooting situations. . . everything from competitive skeet and sporting clays to hunting the driven red grouse of Scotland, whitewing doves in Texas, and the bobwhite quail of Georgia. The author has a keenly analytical eye and is able to explain with logical, well-thought-out reasons why we often miss even the 'easy' shots. It will be a powerful influence on the shotgunning sports for decades to come. —Dennis Walrod

    About the Author: Peter Blakeley writes for Sporting Clays magazine. He grew up in Stockport, Cheshire, England, and shot and operated a gun shop on the Duke of Buccleuch's Estate in Langholm. He earned his credentials as a shooting coach at Annandale Shooting Ground in Dumfriesshire and Westside sporting grounds in Houston and the Dallas Gun Club. He lives near Dallas, Texas.

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