Monsters, Mayhem and Miracles

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Hardcover, 354 Pages.
Signed by Chuck Wechsler.

Truly a first in the world of outdoor publishing, Monsters, Mayhem and Miracles is a one-of-a-kind collection of unforgettable tales from the sporting world. Its 44 stories range from harrowing encounters with deadly predators to astonishing tales involving spirits, ghosts and even the devil himself.

Featuring both fictional and true-to-life adventures, these astonishing stories are from the creative minds of such legendary authors as Peter Capstick, Archibald Rutledge, Gene Hill, Mike Gaddis, Roger Pinckney and John Madson.

On these 354 pages, you’ll also find hilarious predicaments, stunning feats of bravery and dramatic rescues as hunters and anglers are caught up in deadly encounters with everything from bears, moose and man-eating lions to sharks and crocodiles. Altogether, you’ll not find a more endearing and absorbing collection of wild and wacky stories.

Our dust jacket cover, which depicts a dramatic confrontation between a Tyrannosaurus Rex and a modern-day hunter, showcases an amazing adventure from a story by acclaimed science fiction author Ray Bradbury. His gripping tale is one of 44 amazing stories in Monsters, Mayhem and Miracles that run the gauntlet from the mysterious and macabre to tales of lasting friendships and unconditional love.


Imagine if you will . . . that Rod Serling penned a lost collection of outdoor stories only recently discovered.  For those who have spent time in the remote recesses of our planet—in the margins between light and dark—who hasn’t entered the Twilight Zone a time or two?  It’s a place often too bizarre for words, where inexplicable events or impossible conjurings happen that are never shared for fear of losing one’s grasp of reality. That is, never shared until now.  Welcome to another dimension . . . welcome to a place where Monsters, Mayhem and Miracles live.   —Chris Dorsey, Forbes    

For four decades, Chuck Wechsler has manifested a singular gift for cultivating fine writing and communicating with writers in a manner that transcends mere Editing, and anything he touches promises to be superb.  This unique collection of tales in Monsters, Mayhem and Miracles is yet another example of his unique abilities, and is organized and composed with the same sensitivity and brilliance we have come to expect from the world’s preeminent Editor of fine outdoor literature.  
—Michael Altizer,
Author and Photographer  

Pour yourself a tall glass of “safewater” and settle back in your easy chair, but don’t expect to put down Monsters, Mayhem and Miracles until you’ve read it cover to cover!  After you’ve done so, put it where you’ll have handy access, because I know you’re going to want to read it again! 
—Larry Weishuhn

“Over the past three decades I’ve edited and produced more than 40 books for Sporting Classics, but none has been more challenging and enjoyable to create than Monsters, Mayhem and Miracles.” —Chuck Wechsler

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