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Jenny Willow

Trade Edition, 280 Pages,
6.25" x 9.25", Hardcover with dust jacket.

Jenny Willow is a love story, one that explores the love of a man for a dog, a dog for a man, and a man for a mountain. Ben Willow loves above all else setter dogs, the mountains of West Virginia, and grouse. At eighty-three, a lonely widower, he finds himself also without a dog. A twist of fortune brings one last dog into his life, Jenny, a little English setter pup of undeniable brilliance. She proves to be among the very best he has ever known. With her, he rediscovers hope and living, pledging himself again to the birds and the hills. He hopes he can live long enough to last Jenny's lifetime. The greatest betrayal to a gun dog is to deny her her reasons for being: her master, the gun, and the hunt.

By Mike Gaddis

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