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The Hunting and Spoor of Central African GameThe Hunting and Spoor of Central African Game
Hunter's Wanderings in AfricaHunter's Wanderings in Africa
East Africa and its Big GameEast Africa and its Big Game
East Africa and its Big Game
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Lake NgamiLake Ngami
Lake Ngami
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The Wanderings of an Elephant HunterThe Wanderings of an Elephant Hunter
The Adventures of an Elephant HunterThe Adventures of an Elephant Hunter
Memories of an African HunterMemories of an African Hunter
Memories of an African Hunter
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A Sporting Trip Through AbyssiniaA Sporting Trip Through Abyssinia
A Hunter's Life in South AfricaA Hunter's Life in South Africa
Wild Beasts and Their WaysWild Beasts and Their Ways
Wild Beasts and Their Ways
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On SafariOn Safari
On Safari
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A Game Ranger's NotebookA Game Ranger's Notebook
A Game Ranger's Notebook
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The Wild Sports of Southern AfricaThe Wild Sports of Southern Africa
Elephant Hunting in East Equatorial AfricaElephant Hunting in East Equatorial Africa
African Game TrailsAfrican Game Trails
After Big Game in Central AfricaAfter Big Game in Central Africa
The One-Eyed Poacher of PrivilegeThe One-Eyed Poacher of Privilege
Tall Tales and ShortTall Tales and Short
Tranquillity: Tales of Spirit with the GunTranquillity: Tales of Spirit with the Gun
Colonel Hawker's Shooting DiariesColonel Hawker's Shooting Diaries
Colonel Weatherford's Young EntryColonel Weatherford's Young Entry
Colonel Weatherford and His FriendsColonel Weatherford and His Friends
Tales Of A Big Game GuideTales Of A Big Game Guide
The Happy EndThe Happy End
The Happy End
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Atlantic Salmon FishingAtlantic Salmon Fishing
American Big Game FishingAmerican Big Game Fishing
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British and American Game BirdsBritish and American Game Birds
Point! A Book About Bird DogsPoint! A Book About Bird Dogs
Game in the DesertGame in the Desert
Upland Game Bird Shooting in AmericaUpland Game Bird Shooting in America
Big StonyBig Stony
Big Stony
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Upstream & DownUpstream & Down
Upstream & Down
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Hunting Trails on Three ContinentsHunting Trails on Three Continents
Long Shore'Long Shore'
Long Shore'
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In The Shadow of Mount McKinleyIn The Shadow of Mount McKinley
Blood Lines: Tales of Shooting and FishingBlood Lines: Tales of Shooting and Fishing
Mark Right!Mark Right!
Mark Right!
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Ole Miss'Ole Miss'
Ole Miss'
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High CountryHigh Country
High Country
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