2019 - 4- Lifestyle Issue

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Featured Articles: This issue is dedicated to the memory of Tom Julian.

 Man Vs. Moose  A fight to the death, armed with only a knife by Charles Jacobs.

New York Was Far Away O'Connor pursues a record ram in the land of the Northern Lights by Jack O'Connor.

Dream Homes for Sportsman

A Predatory Poet in a State of Grace Timothy Murphy and the true magic of poetry by Jameson Parker.

Winchester Lofts The good life in firearms factory by Tom Keer

Goose Hunt for the Girls Sisterhood of the Outdoors takes a hunt in western Nebraska by Jodi Stemler.

Looking Back Toward the Future America'a indigenous hunting heritage by Mike Altizer.

Lowcountry Legend: Bray's Island Where the Sporting life is celebrated year-round by Chris Dorsey.

Sunset Bear Once again he would feel that rare blend of sadness and joy when a hunter makes a kill by Jason Cole.

For the Love of Leather and Wood Three talented artisans excel at handcrafting fine products by John Ross.

Columns by Mike Gaddis, Roger Pinckney, Jameson Parker, John Seerey-Lester, Robert Matthews, Dwight Van Brunt, Gayne C. Young, Michael Altizer, Ron Spomer, and Jim Casada.



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