2016 - 8 - November/December - Sporting Classics Store

2016 - 8 - November/December

Featured Articles:

How I Lost My Thanksgiving Turkey By: Edwin Sandys
The Song of the Atlas By: Chip Anderson
The Name of Walter Hibbett 
By:Ryan Stalvey 
Prairie Ghosts By: Richard S. Grozik 
My Health is Better in November By: Havilah Babcock 
Mule Deer on the Skids By: Jameson Parker 
The Baron and the Leopard By: David Ommanney
Troutalope By: Paul Quinnett
Smoked Roan By: Bob Gallagher
No Country for Sissies By: Tim Pask
Across the River & Into the Pigs By: Roger Pinckney

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