Yonder: Tales from an Outdoor Life

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Hardcover, 150 Pages.

A reflective, luminous collection of essays of a life as an outdoor sportsman. Yonder is a gathering of memories that Ron Ellis and his friends enjoyed while outdoors: hunting, fly-fishing, hiking and camping. These new and selected stories tell of cherished friends and characters, family and traditions, bird dogs and wild birds, "russet dreams" and the "bright, liquid colors of sunfish," many of which, the author suggests, seemed always to be "brushed with magic."

Yonder is a lovely book. Going from one chapter to another is like turning a diamond and experiencing a dozen facets — in this case each different but reflecting part of the same love for life and the outdoors and the specifics of each. All is patient and thought­ful in the writing. —Nick Lyons

It has been said that all art is selectivity. We can always count on Ron Ellis to pick the one specific detail that best conveys his journey through the natural world and the fabric of time. It is this attention to the moment that makes his work timeless. I've been waiting a long time for Yonder. The wait has been well worth it. —Rick Bass

As a child I often listened to my father's bedtime stories, unrehearsed stories that usually moved easily through a congenial outdoor setting and ended in a warm sense of peace and gratitude. Ron Ellis's stories in Yonder invoke the same feeling . . . these tales, at once both nostalgic and clear-eyed, leave us with the rich, ripe "gift of remembered light," as the author puts it. A book to keep near at hand, at the bedside.
—Merrill Gilfillan

Yonder, as Ron Ellis uses the word in this celebration of the natural world through the lens of hunting and fishing, is a reference to a place farther or more distant—beyond . . . In these pages he transforms what might be imagined as remote, or yonder, into something that is memorably here. —Richard Taylor

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