Wingshooting: The Art & Science

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Hardcover, 216 pages.

Bryan Bilinski, a seasoned, successful gunfitter and instructor in his renowned Fieldsport Wingshooting Schools, offers you all the benefits of his 45 plus years of hands-on teaching knowledge and expertise. In this new comprehensive reference book you’ll find sections focusing on topics of utmost importance to bird hunters and clay target shooters alike.

The Wingshooting Methods section includes 31 chapters on subjects including Instinctive Wingshooting, The Ready Position, and how to follow through or Stay In Your Gun. The Lock, Stock, & Barrel section consists of 11 chapters covering virtually everything you need to know about shotguns including The Making of a Game Gun and a pro or con consideration of a Side-by-Side vs. Over & Under shotgun. The Wingshooting Miscellany section covers subjects like The Hunting Trip from Hell and selecting a youngsters’ first shotgun and the final Why We Miss sections provides critical information and data on one of the most mysterious concerns of all wingshooters.

Here is a reference to the fundamentals and secrets of consistent, successful wingshooting and clay target shooting. Famed U.S. instructor Bryan Bilinski shares his experience and expertise gathered during a lifelong career of teaching at his renowned FIELDSPORT Wingshooting Schools. He introduced sporting clays to the U.S. in the early 1980s and is known to this day as the “Father of Sporting Clays in America.”

This book is an edited compilation of his educational wingshooting column “In the Swing,” published in The Upland Almanac magazine over the course of decades. He earned the title “Dr. Shotgun” from his readers and clients after diagnosing and curing so many of their gunfitting problems and wingshooting ailments.

He has also written for Shooting Sportsman and Ruffed Grouse Society magazines, and has produced two instructional videos: WINGSHOOTING: The Art & Science, a companion to this book, as well as The Art of Shooting Flying with author Tom Huggler. This book promises to benefit all wingshooters, from novice to expert, on their journey in the field and on the clays range.

Bryan Bilinski has spent his entire career immersed in all things outdoors: wingshooting fine shotguns, Labrador retrievers, upland bird hunting, waterfowling, sporting clays, field trials, gun fitting, shooting instruction, classic sporting books, wildlife art, and fly fishing.

A native Hoosier, Bilinski was born on the family farm southwest of South Bend, Indiana in 1956, attending Holy Family Grade School, St. Joseph High School, and Ball State University, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Natural Resources. While employed by the Orvis Company™ in Houston, Texas, circa 1980, Bryan is credited with designing the Orvis Pin Oak Acres Shooting Grounds as an instructional facility as well as the first sporting clays course in America. He also hosted the first National
Sporting Clays Championship at the Orvis shooting grounds which helped launch the game of sporting clays nationwide. Bilinski ultimately founded his own company FIELDSPORT LTD, “Purveyor to the Wingshooter,” in 1994 with his angel partner Al Serra. He lives in Traverse City with his lovely wife Linda, and he is blessed with two daughters, Lauren and Kimberly, all the loves of his life.

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