William L. Finley: Pioneer Wildlife Photographer

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Hardcover, 208 Pages.
Signed by Worth Mathewson

The collection consists of images of wildlife, primarily birds of the western United States, 1899-1935, photographed by William Lovell Finley, his associate Herman T. Bohlman, his wife Nellie Irene Barnhart Finley, and others. The collection includes images of adult and immature birds, chicks, eggs, and nests. Many images show habitats. Others document the camera equipment and techniques used to make the photographs. Later portions of the collection reflect Finley’s partnership with Nature Magazine and Arthur Newton Pack to highlight wildlife in National Parks including Glacier, Rainier, and Yellowstone National Parks, as well as extensive boating expeditions up the west coast of Alaska and British Columbia.

This book reproduces over 200 photographs of outstanding interest from all phases of Finley's career. Includes bibliography.

Illustrated. Important reference work. Very scarce in this condition. Inscribed by the author: "To Chuck, All Best Wishes 2014." 

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