Wilderness Hunting and Wildcraft

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Hardcover, 338 Pages.

Wilderness Hunting & Wildcraft details hunting big game in North America. Covering everything from woodcraft skills to the habits of big-game animals, this book comprises Townsend Whelen's experience drawn from a lifetime in the game fields, as well as a compilation of writings by the most observant and successful hunters of the time. Whelan devotes several chapters to an assortment of North American big-game animals and includes valuable information on the particulars of hunting each species. With information on hunting methods, navigation, camping, camp gear, rifles, marksmanship, and field photography, Wilderness Hunting & Wildcraft has been a crucial resource for novice and experienced hunters alike since its initial publication in 1927.

This is a good reprint edition of an old classic on hunting and camping. Whelen is one of the "real deal" old timers, who knew what he was doing, and designed his own gear as he saw ways to improve. The Whelen leanto, Whelen knife, the improved cartridge designs bearing his name are all landmarks of a long and knowledgeable career. This is a good read, with some very solid information, even for our modern hunters and campers.

Colonel Townsend Whelen (1877-1961), an American soldier and outdoorsman, is best known for his expertise with rifles, reloading, and cartridge development. An avid writer on hunting and outdoorsmanship, Whelen contributed to a number of magazines and authored several books, including Why Not Load Your Own!

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