Wild Adventure

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Softcover, 223 Pages.

A collection of wild and woolly adventure stories from real life. From roping bear and cougar in Arizona to hunting wild boar with a longbow on Santa Catalina Island in California and alligator wrestling in the Everglades, Howard Hill was the prototypical "extreme" guy. Includes outstanding photography from Hill's adventures of such animals as grizzly bear, elk, mountain sheep and moose. Foreword by Errol Flynn. New preface by Jerry Hill, the author's nephew.

About the Author: Howard Hill devoted his life to the promotion of archery until his death in 1975. He is considered by many to be the greatest archer/hunter of all time. His bow work is featured in several movies, including Robin Hood, Dodge City, and They Died With Their Boots On. The list of awards he won is impressive, including 196 Field Archery tournaments in a row. He took well over 2,000 animals with his bow and arrow. He was the first white man to kill an elephant with a bow and arrow, and the only man to do it without the use of a poisoned arrow.

Reviews: When this book first appeared in 1954, Howard Hill, the fabled archer, was at the top of his game. This collection of stories documents Hill's versatility with the bow and his eye for rousing showmanship: mountain lions in Arizona; blue marlin (yes, with a bow) off Baja; lions, pythons, crocs-a veritable Noah's Ark, in fact- in Africa. Hill was an adept storyteller and a swashbuckling personality, bigger than life. Wild Adventure is a tribute to his skill and to his style. —Lionel Atwill, Field & Stream

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