White Tales and Other Hunting Stories


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Hardcover, 229 Pages.
Signed by Duncan Dobie.

Heartwarming, powerful, compelling—the 18 short stories found in White Tales and Other Hunting Stories will take you on an unforgettable journey into the great outdoors. Duncan Dobie possesses the rare ability to transport the reader into the thick of the action, whether it be deep in a Southern swamp, or high on a cold mountain in the Colorado Rockies. Some of the stories contained in this book will leave you laughing, and others may make you cry, but they’ll all give you a much better understanding of, and a deeper appreciation for, the hunting tradition.

The stories in this volume are filled with tenderness, wisdom, humor, and considerable insight into human nature. Read about Old Lopear, the legendary buck that reportedly had dodged more well-placed bullets than Pickett’s surviving troops at Gettysburg. Participate in one of the most unusual elk hunts in history where the hunters become the hunted. Witness the terrifying ordeal of a man bitten by a snake deep in the Southern woods. Share in the triumph of a young man’s first, hard-won whitetail buck.

If you’ve ever spent a restless night waiting for the alarm to go off at 4 a.m. on opening day... If you’ve ever experienced a frigid morning sitting on a cold deer stand... If you’ve ever enjoyed the magic and camaraderie of sitting around a late- night campfire with friends... then this book is required reading! Enhanced by 29 pen and ink drawings by nationally acclaimed wildlife artist Tom Sexton, White Tales and Other Hunting Stories is a classic in deer hunting literature to be cherished by readers of all ages.

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