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Hunting Upland Birds on the High Plains
By Ben O. Williams

6" x 9"
228 Pages. Softcover.

Ben Williams spends well over 250 days each year photographing, hunting, or running dogs on the High Plains.

This book is the culmination of his 50+ years spent in the field, not only hunting, but also seeking to understand everything about upland birds and their environment.

He discusses literally everything about these wonderful game birds and the country in which they live.

Hungarian partridge, sharp-tailed grouse, sage grouse, prairie chickens, western ruffed grouse, blue grouse, spruce grouse, and pheasants are all covered in more detail than ever before in print: their habits, throughout the year, habitat, mating ritual, identification, what they eat and why, and—most importantly—how to look over a vast section of prairie and identify the habitat within the habitat to locate birds, and much, much more.

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