We'll Do It Tomorrow

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253 pages, Hardcover.
Signed by John P. Faris, Jr.
Southern Hunting and Fishing Stories

In this collection of stories, John takes us along the creeks and rivers of his native Laurens Country, South Carolina to shoot mallards and wood ducks. He also tells of unusual yet successful methods of taking white-tailed bucks on his farm in Union County, South Carolina. We'll Do It Tomorrow is more than a book of tales about hunting and fishing, these stories are about the joys and sorrows of life. They will linger in your heart and leave you wishing for more. Filled with 15 stories and 30 illustrations We'll Do It Tomorrow is definitely a keeper.

Reviewed & endorsed by Jim Casada of Sporting Classics who said, This is relaxed literature on the outdoors in the vein of Babcock, Rutledge and Ruark in his Old Man pieces.

Size 9.5 x 6.125"

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