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Two Hearts, One Passion

Dick and Mary Cabela were connected long before they met, linked by a need to give chase. Later, they founded one of the best-known outfitting companies in the world - together. They raised a family - together. Through it all, they hunted - together. Whether for upland birds on the Nebraska plains, kudu in Zimbabwe, water buffalo in Australia, or mountain nyala in Ethiopia, they have hunted it with each other. In one harrowing tale, Dick followed elephant tracks into a dense Ethiopian rainforest and found himself only a few yards from a charging bull elephant. No matter where their adventures took them, they never fogot their humble beginnings. At its core, Dick and Mary's story is a quest to experience, if only briefly, the awe, wonder, and freedom they knew when life was simple - when they were children stepping into a world wanting nothing but to be explored. It's a story about two people from simple backgrounds, who discovered together dreams are attainable and the most complex of human emotions lie in life's simplicities.

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