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This edition is unsigned & unnumbered.

Told in first-person with the warmth of a hand-written journal, Two Hearts in Tanzania puts you right in the thick of the action and in the hearts and minds of the people who lived these amazing adventures. Illustrated with chapter-opening sketches by famous wildlife artist, John Banovich, the book includes 16 pages of photos of African wildlife, native peoples, hunters, trackers, camp life and Dick and Mary with their hard-won trophies. 

A thrilling and heart-pounding hunting book laced with contemporary observations on African culture, conservation, and the very personal reasons for modern big-game hunting. Dick and Mary Cabela, the outdoor world's most famous couple, first traveled to Tanzania in search of adventure: lions, leopards, Cape buffalo and the lure of wild places. They found so much more. They formed friendships, endured heartaches and encountered some of the most amazing people and animals on earth.

Join Dick and Mary as they journey to Tanzania on five different expeditions. Meet Cotton Gordon, one of the most renowned, respected and gentle professional hunters in Africa. Look over Dick s shoulder as he stalks a world-class lion, tracks a belligerent buffalo and sits in the dark waiting for his illusive, second-chance leopard. Agonize with Mary as she sights down the barrel at her first lion and then goes on to take three of the Big 5. And then accompany Cari and Teri, two of the Cabela daughters, as they experience Tanzania and the thrill and poignancy of their first African hunt. 

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