Turkey Hunting Digest


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Softcover, 336 pages.
By Jim Spencer

As Tom Kelly, America's poet laureate of turkey hunting, writes in the introduction, Turkey Hunting Digest is a whole 'nother kind of hunting book. Author Jim Spencer invites you into the ring of his campfire to share some of his most memorable turkey hunts over the last 25 years. Sometimes he wins and slings a turkey over his shoulder; other times, the bird survives to gobble another day. No matter what the outcome, the reader tags along and learns the important lessons of hunting these magnificent, paranoid—and often maddening—big-game birds.

From the basics of setting up on spring gobblers to advanced tactics for shut-mouthed toms, this book covers practically everything you need to know to succeed:

- Tips on using box, slate, tube and diaphragm calls.
- Getting the go-away gobbler.
- Decoys: How, when & where to use them.
- Tactics for hunting in river bottoms, mountains, open lands, national forest, wilderness areas and other diverse setting.
- Private-lands turkey management.
- Field care and cooking.
- Advice for a rookie and more!

This reference on turkey hunting covers the ins and outs of modern turkey hunting tactics and provides comprehensive reports on gear to help hunters of all skill levels improve their chances of bagging more birds. The book covers everything from calls and camouflage, to guns, loads and strategies.

There are better turkey hunters that Jim Spencer, but none who write about turkey hunting with more passion. A wildlife biologist, retired employee of the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission, and an award-winning freelance writer,Spencer has hunted turkeys in 17 states and plans to double that total over the next few years. He lives in the Arkansas Ozarks, not far from Turkey Creek, Turkey Knob and Turkey Mountain.

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