Trout on a Fly


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Hardcover, 180 pages.
by Lee Wulff, 1986.

This provocative book thrusts the reader into the world of the trout. Its premise is that the fisherman is a hunter, and that to be skillful and successful in his pursuit he must understand his quarry intimately.Lee Wulff draws on nearly three quarters of a century of serious angling to explain what a trout will do under various circumstances, why it takes up a particular position in a river, why and when it feeds as it does, what we must know to bring it to our fly. His perceptions appear deceptively simple, as only a master's analyses can seem.

Through Wulff's eyes, we understand the many factors that affect the tout and our pursuit - temperature, stream flow, the different types of water in a river, approach and presentation, tactics, and flies and their structures. Throughout, there is the innovative mind of a great fisherman not solving a trout fisherman's problems for him but requiring that a fisherman learn to solve them for himself. Trout on a Fly is for all serious trout fishermen; it is the kind of book that can change the way a fisherman sees and approaches the trout and its world.

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