Theodore Roosevelt Trilogy Bundle by Edmund Morris

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The definitive trilogy of biographies chronicling the storied life of the United States’ youngest President, Theodore Roosevelt—a consummate writer, soldier, naturalist, and politician—and his two world-changing terms in office. Order each book separately or as a bundle. The trilogy includes:

The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt 
Hardcover, 920 Pages.
The first book of the trilogy is the story of seven men—a naturalist, a writer, a lover, a hunter, a ranchman, a soldier, and a politician—who merged at age forty-two to become the youngest President in history. This book, the only full study of TR’s pre-presidential years, shows that he was an inevitable chief executive.

Theodore Rex 
Hardcover, 772 Pages.
The second entry in Morris's three-volume life of Theodore Roosevelt focuses on the presidential years 1901 through early 1909. Impeccably researched and beautifully composed, Morris's book provides what is arguably the best consideration of Roosevelt's presidency ever penned. 

Colonel Roosevelt 
Hardcover, 766 Pages.
Packed with more adventure, variety, drama, humor, and tragedy than a big novel, yet documented down to the smallest fact, this final masterwork recounts the last decade of perhaps the most amazing life in American history. Of all our great presidents, Theodore Roosevelt is the only one whose greatness increased out of office. What other president has written forty books, hunted lions, founded a third political party, survived an assassin’s bullet, and explored an unknown river longer than the Rhine?

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