The Seasons of a Fisherman: A Flyfisher's Classic Evocations


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Hardcover, 550 Pages.

Robderick L. Haig-Brown is one of the world's most beloved fly-fishing writers. Here, for the first time, are his popular seasons books: Fisherman's Spring, Fisherman's Summer, Fisherman's Fall, and Fisherman's Winter. They chronicle a fisherman's year, from the brightening days of spring through a loving portrait of the author's home rivers in British Columbia during the summer, and on into the excitement of fall fishing and a winter away to fish the great rivers of Argentina and Chile. As Verlyn Klinkenborg has said, I think it forms some sort of watershed experience in every angler's reading when he comes upon Roderick Haig-Brown for the first time. And so it does. The Seasons of a Fisherman is an excellent place to start.


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