The Search for Elusive Trout


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Hardcover with Dust jacket, 120 pages.

Exactly where and how does one catch the elusive pimped trout, the wily corporate trout, or the ethereal trout of Turin—fish so rare, we absolutely guarantee you have never seen one? And, just as important, what inventive cocktail should accompany these adventures? It's all revealed here in endlessly entertaining detail.

Renowned fishing writer Paul Quinnett and whimsical artist Deanna Camp team up to show you the fish you’ll forever want to catch, because you’ll almost certainly never catch one. Still, hope springs eternal in the breast of every angler, which is really the whole point.

So mix yourself one of this book's tasty libations, sit back for its equally creative fish stories, and enjoy the journey. There's no more pleasant way to pass the hours not spent fishing.

This is the perfect gift for a fly fisher who loves a good cocktail with their wild fish stories! To aid the in joy of the journey, mix yourself one of this book’s tasty libations, build your campfire, sit back for some highly entertaining fish stories and lose yourself in the search. The 120-page book features both full-color paintings and photographs.

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