The PauHana Fire Pit & Grill Combo


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Combo: Includes the steel pick-up surface for grilling.

The PauHana is created to stand up to both Father Time and Mother Nature. We intend for PauHana to be the last fire pit you’ll ever buy. Fabricated out of quarter-inch heat-treated laminated steel, it’s engineered to last a lifetime. This "combo" includes our all steel, pick-up surface Grill. Combined with the pick-up surface, your PauHana fire pit will become the most versatile fire pit/cooker on the market. Nothing beats the joy of cooking over a wood fire grill! This sturdy, versatile cooker provides the resourceful chef a world of options.

 Shipping - Lower 48 States only.

Fire Bowl - 1/4-inch heat-treated, laminated steel; 30-inch diameter, 15" deep (90 lbs) 
Stand - all steel solid support (30 lbs) 
Elevation Brackets (3) - this steel, drop in place for 3" lift on surface. Enables the bowl to be tilted for Directional Warmth. (2.5 lbs each) 
Grill - all steel, smooth pick-up surface (10 lbs) 
Oyster Plate/Snuffer - solid expanded steel (40 lbs) 
Fire Tongs - 1" wide, 1/8" thick, 36" long (4 lbs)

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