The Journey Back To Camp By John Banovich


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Limited Edition- 11" x 14"
- 175 signed and numbered by John Banovich
- 15 Artist Proofs

• Limited Edition: $275
• Artist Proof: $330

• Frame (AF21): 16.5" x 19.5" - $275
• Frame BA1-S: 18" x 21" - $175

"Safari days are spent somewhere between the present and a dream. Beginning with stunning sunrises and the sightings of game often as far as eyes can see, the sights, sounds and smells of the African safari lift our mind, fill our spirit with joy and vivacity and renew our passion for living. After a long day amongst the dramatic beauty of the grand herds, one makes the rewarding journey back to camp filled with a complete sense of awe and satisfaction." - John Banovich, Artist

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