The Invasive Dragonfin Clutch

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Invasive Dragonfin Exterior • Kangaroo Interior

Every Dragonfin Clutch is custom made out of a hand dyed invasive dragonfin. The clutch design is carefully hand sewn together to create this functional piece of art. Includes 12 CC Pockets, 2 Cash Slots and a zippered pouch. US domestic shipping only, please allow 2 weeks for delivery.

A blend of hand dyed Dragonfin, in a two tone of Crimson and Black, paired to a hand selected Saffiano, hand saddle stitched, and piped throughout the piece. Dragonfin, a relative of the Copi, is considered an invasive creature, causing damage to native species since it was intentionally imported from Southeast Asia to aquatic vegetation ponds in the US. While initially used to manage the ponds, flooding in the 1990s allowed the fish to move to the Mississippi River where it outcompetes other species and is degrading the water quality by killing off sensitive organisms.

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