The Greatest Hunting Stories Ever Told

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Experience all the thrills and dangers of hunting big game as told by writers who experienced them first-hand.

Paperback. 263 pages.

Elephant. Bear. Moose. Rhinoceros. Buffalo. Lion. Since prehistoric times man has hunted. An elemental part of life, seeking out and overpowering large, strong, and fast animals has been a pivotal part of human evolution.

In later times, when hunting for food wasn’t necessary, man still tracked down his prey. Following an instinct for adventure, for the thrill of defeating formidable opponents, man hunted.

Now, for the forty million Americans who hunt, here is the perfect companion. The Greatest Hunting Stories Ever Told is a collection of true hunting tales, told by some of the most courageous and clever sportsmen. The quest for adventure has touched all these writers, who convey the drama, tension, stamina, and sheer thrill of tracking down game.

Included here are the experiences of Teddy Roosevelt in “The Wilderness Hunter,” of Jack O’Connor in “The Leopard,” of J. C. Rickhoff in “Wounded Lion in Kenya,” of Frank C. Hibben in “The Last Stand of a Wily Jaguar,” and of John “Pondoro” Taylor in “Buffalo,” among others.

Collected by a lifelong devotee of hunting literature, the stories here are classics. In more than two dozen selections, the true experiences of hunting a variety of animals are relayed by the most reliable eyewitnesses: the hunters themselves. A must for all hunters and armchair adventurers, The Greatest Hunting Stories Ever Told is a real trophy.

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