The Great Duck Misunderstanding and Other Stories: The Very Best of American Fishing & Hunting Humor

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The richest collection of great hunting and fishing humor, wry wit, verbal and cartoon slapstick from all sources, for all ages and tastes. From the acknowledged masters of their form such as Pat McManus, Ed Zern, Bill Heavey, Paul Quinnett and Charles Waterman yet stuffed with the new (and new old) kids on the block-Rick Tosches, Steven Mulak, Dave Ames, Andy Duffy, Michael Sawyers and Sam Venable.

Terrific tales and quips from the humor field by Henry Beard, P.J. O'Rourke, Ian Frazier, Lewis Grizzard. Spiced with never or rarely seen pieces by Bruce Cochran, James Thurber, Gene and Barry Wensel, Joe Bob Briggs, Jean Shepherd and others, and jokes by Johnny Carson, Homer Circle and Milton Berle.

Cartoons by the smartest illustrators and the history of outdoor humor on radio and the small and big screen including the best Elmer Fudd/Porky Pig/Daffy Duck and "that wascally wabbit" hunting cartoon shorts, ribald songs, tall tales, atypical Ole and Sven jokes, novelty fishing lures and bumpersticker humor.

From high literary to low ribaldry, an authoritative collection for quiet chuckles in the appreciation of superb humor writing alternated with guffaw-producing comic tales of what can go wrong (and right) in the pursuit of our favorite field sports.

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