Teal Ball By Bob Timberlake

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Limited Edition of 200 S/N prints.
Sheet 26.5 x 8 in.; Frame dimensions 34.5 x 16 in.

"Teal are the fastest flying ducks of all and often appear to be a swarm of bees or blackbirds at a distance.  Its a truly amazing sight to see a group flying at 95 miles an hour and bobbing and weaving through the marsh; here one minute and then completely out of sight in an instance.  For over 70 years, I've marveled at their antics and usually just watched instead of shooting, or trying to shoot, when they would pass through the marshes of high rock lake and currituck sound. "Teal Ball" reminds me of all those hunts and being outdoors with family and friends over my lifetime. I hope you too can share in the joy and amazement I've experienced watching these majestic little birds." -Bob Timberlake

Bob Timberlake, a native of North Carolina, is one of the most revered artists living in the state. He has been called “the Andrew Wyeth of the South” because of his devotion to realism and a mentorship with Wyeth during his early days of painting. Timberlake’s ability to capture the essence of a rural North Carolina landscape, or the subtleties of a still life with wildflowers, resonates with viewers and has helped him establish a large and loyal following.


Unframed Prints are sleeved with very thick cardboard to protect against handling. We’ve taken great care to choose the most protective method of handling and delivering of our art.

Framed items are covered securely and placed in corrugated boxes that lock the frame in position.

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