Tanzania Safari


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Suede Cover, 355 Pages.

**Signed by Robert De Pole

Limited Edition of 1000 copies

Tanzania Safari records the story of one amazing individual who, after surviving Russian concentration camps, came to Africa. His hunting journeys are chronicled in such a manner as the readers can learn, benefit from and be excited by his adventures. Robert DePole is the pen name for the well-known and respected professional hunter, Robert Kotowicz. Some men came to Africa to make a living. Bob Kotowicz came to Africa to live life to the fullest on her game-fields.

During 25 years and well over 100 professionally conducted safaris Bob proved he was a made who broke out of the mold and carved out a life few have been privileged to live. His writing style is forthright and truthful. There are excellent descriptions of the hunting areas as well as details as to why certain areas are selected for certain parties at certain times of year. Bob has a great writing ability and the reader will "see" the trophies on the pages long enough to remember them. In short, the stuff of which classics are made. If you are not lucky enough to have a professional hunter for a father, uncle or friend, then consider yourself fortunate to be able to read TANZANIA SAFARI and keep it on your bookshelf.


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