Stanley Meltzoff: Picture Maker


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Hardcover, 182 Pages.

The first comprehensive book on the life and work of legendary artist Stanley Meltzoff. Now angler and IGFA historian Mike Rivkin has completed the job in a lush oversized format. This is the rare book that belongs on the coffee tables of discriminating sportsmen around the world. Fans of game fish art will have no trouble in recalling Stanley Meltzoff. He was the first artist to realistically portray all the major game species in their natural habitats, and today his body of work is recognized as the very best of its kind. Meltzoff paintings have graced the covers of Field & Stream, Scientific American, The Saturday Evening Post and many other publications. His death in 2006 at age 89 stilled a paintbrush that may never be equaled. Stanley Meltzoff - Picture Maker includes nearly 190 color plates of the artist's work throughout his career, plus lively narratives from both Meltzoff and co-author Mike Rivkin.

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