Spanish Best: The Fine Shotguns of Spain


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Softcover. 332 Pages.

The extraordinary shotguns produced by the craftsman of Spain's Basque Country are no longer a secret. Their shooting qualities, beauty, and great value have been extolled by a host of experts. Sportsmen of considerable means and everyday bird hunters alike have found guns that suit their tastes from such makers as AYA, Arrieta, Ugartechea, and many more.

In this vastly expanded treatment of the subject, Wieland provides a completely updated guide to the guns and gunmakers, reliving history, going inside manufacturing facilities, discussing design and assembly, touring the region, and sampling its food, wine, and warmth. There are more than 150 color photographs to accompany the text and show precisely how the guns and workrooms look. There are three new maps, as well, including one that will allow visitors to navigate Eibar like a seasoned veteran.

The greatest gun-making town in the world is not Obernsdorf, Germany, nor Birmingham in England, it is Eibar, Spain. Unassuming and unpublicized, this little city produces some of the finest double guns in the world. Terry Wieland provides a thorough guide to the guns and their makers from this small city in Basque Country, reliving history, touring manufacturing facilities, discussing design and assembly, and exploring the region to sample its food, wine, and warmth. It is an unparalleled journey.

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