Shotguns on Review: 38 Guns Tried & Tested


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Hardcover with Dustjacket. 210 Pages. 

Contains 38 of Bruce Buck's most popular gun reviews for Shooting Sportsman: The Magazine of Wingshooting and Fine Guns. The reviews have been updated where necessary, covering field and target guns ranging from serviceable to exquisite. There is also an informative section on how to analyze a gun intended for personal purchase.

Buck clearly discusses the mechanics of each gun and compares it to its peers. Each review is accompanied by color photographs shows the details of the gun. Where helpful, manufacturing techniques are explained to broaden the reader's background. Most importantly, Buck uses his years of shotgunning experience to write about what the guns are like to shoot according to their intended usage.

Not all of the reviews are favorable. Some cosmetically attractive or mechanically innovative guns fail to preform and are called to account with humor and insight. This book is sure to inform and entertain even the most knowledgeable shotgunner.

As Shooting Sportsman's Book Review Editor since 2002, Bruce Buck has written 44 reviews. This book is an updated collection of those reviews with a chapter added on how guns are reviewed, and a chapter on guns that offer real value on today's market. Practical information is also provided to help the reader learn to evaluate used guns for themselves. An appendix of sources provides more information on the specifics of each gun.

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