Sable At Sunset By John Banovich


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Limited Edition- 11" x 14"
- 350 signed and numbered by John Banovich
- 35 Artist Proofs

• Limited Edition: $225
• Artist Proof: $270

• Frame AB13: 18" x 21" - $390
• Frame AF21:  - $315
• Frame NC3: 17.25" x 20.25": $490
• Frame BA1-S: 18" x 21" - $175

"The giant sable is the most mythical antelope in Africa. They possess a beauty and grace right out of a fairy tale. When I saw this golden light of a sunset dancing across the water, I decided to place this large, male sable in the scene. His dark body looked like a piece of black jade slicing through a band of gold, with all reflected in the crystal clear water of Botswana’s Okavango delta." - John Banovich

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