Out of the Box: Unconventional Fly-Fishing Strategies and Winning Combinations to Catch More Fish


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Hardcover, 203 pages.
Published August 1, 2022

In this book, expert fly designer John Barr covers his techniques for catching more fish, including trout and warmwater species such as bass. His unconventional techniques include adapting tactics for bass and panfish for catching trout—and using trout techniques for warmwater species. He covers his deadly technique of fishing multiple flies in detail and shares his favorite fly combinations for fishing the hatches, both in rivers and still waters. Even if you’re wise to the technique of fishing multiple flies to increase your chances of catching fish, John Barr takes that game to a whole new level in this book. There are chapters on fishing all the major hatches, streamer fishing, fishing for warmwater species, lake fishing, as well as critical insights into the mental game that enables the top 10 percent of anglers to catch 90 percent of all the fish.

About the Author
John Barr is the most successful designer of commercially distributed flies in the world. He has invented a number of indispensable flies such as the Barr Emerger, an unrivaled pattern for difficult trout across the country, and the Copper John, which has evolved into the most popular fly of the millennium. He is a fly designer for Umpqua Feather Merchants and lives in Boulder, Colorado.

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