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The No1 Crushable Vault® is a lightweight, soft-sided case that secures one or two shotgun breakdown cases in the back of your SUV, pickup, car or hotel. The zipper-locked fabric exterior disguises a multilayer, super-strong (1680 denier) ballistic nylon interior and three levels of cable locks, all of which secure to your auto’s cargo area tie-down points. 

Sure a lockable hard case holds a gun secure inside of it, but a case sitting in your car’s backseat does little to discourage a smash-and-grab type robbery. Whether shooting a few rounds after work or spending a weekend in the country, shooters no longer need to be afraid of valets, self-parking their vehicles, or crossing state lines. Should an attempt still be made to get inside, the would-be thief would have to overcome several levels of stout security just to get to the breakdown cases. The Crushable Vault® is lightweight and flexible and can easily be moved from one vehicle to another. 

Size: 12” x 12” x 38”
Color: Grey
Material: Canvas/Leather

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