One Long Safari


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Hardcover, 353 Pages.
Signed by Peter Hay

From Locust Control Officer to Game Warden. From Somalia to Uganda to Ethiopia. All during the time when game was plentiful. Yes, Peter's lifetime in Africa was one long safari. A locust control officer establishes gangs that destroy eggs deposited by locusts. But when locusts move in antelope move out. When antelope move out, lions become man-eaters. The other job of the locust control officer is to rid the area of man-eaters and marauders - by himself. Then there was the month that Peter was ordered to crop 150 elephants from a marauding herd. There was the time when Peter's life became rosy indeed when a 110 pound tusker stared at him from a close range. Then the animal turned to charge - but it had only one tusk! Here is the story of a man who spent the long prime of his life on ONE LONG SAFARI. 7 x 10 format. Over 200 photographic illustrations, 7 maps.

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